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Product Parameter
material suttle
100% Polyester Net weight of filling(lining excluded):0.4-3KG
Application seasons:Spring ,Summer and Autumn
Lining material:100% Polyester
Net weight of filling(lining excluded):0.4-3KG
Color:Yellow(only for 150*210)   White
Product grade:First grade
Main Wadding:50% Soybean Fiber+50% Polyester
Fiber Type: Soybean Fiber+ Polyester
Quilt Size:150*200cm、180*220cm、200*230cm、220*240cm
Item No: TPMD
This quilt is soft and comfortable,and skin-friendly.Once you touch it, you want to stay with it for the whole Summer……
Sample from the natural soybean, rich in Amino acids and proteins, this quilt is quite friendly to skin, soft hand feeling, fine moisture absorption and ventilation, and bacteria resistible. It enables your skin to breath with the nature and beautify every moment of your night time.
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