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Cooperation and Franchise
Procedure of joining Tang-si
1.The applicant should know about the brief condition of Tang-si and joining terms, ask for the 《Tang-si home textile franchising pamphlet 》;
2.Fill in the 《Tang-si home textile franchising application form》;
3.The headquarter will do the first review. Franchising confirmation and invitation will be sent to the applicant once passed;
4.The franchisees come to headquarter for investigation and negotiate the cooperation details face to face;
5.The headquarter sends personal to investigate the alternative shops;
6.The comprehensive assessment on qualification of franchisee;
7.The applicant sign the Shop Rental Agreement and get down all the relevant licenses and certificates;
8.Sign the 《Tang-si home textile agent and franchising contract》;
9. Design of shop decoration. Recruitment and training of shop assistant ;
10.Shop decoration and acceptance check;
11. The headquarter accredits the special operating concession, and help with the per-opening
12. The franchisee start from soft opening to official operation;
13.The headquarter provides stable follow-up service guidance.
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