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About Us
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The company is located in Tongxiang city Zhejiang province, which enjoyed the reputation as “home of silk and land of plenty” and where silk fabric and mulberry silk originated. People here had been living on silkworm breeding and silk weaving from ancient times,. This old land not only generated the literary giant “Maodun”, but abounded in mulberry silk,which is regarded as quintessence of five thousand years and also known as “fiber queen”.Sixteen years ago the company started from producing and manufacturing raw material of silk to a  professional  manufacturer of silk material,mulberry silk quilts and other kinds of bedding, with producing,saling and trading all in one.

Professional technical personal,skilled works, as well as advanced producing equipments lay out the foundation for new product developing and steady manufacturing.The company are also strong in technical force ,strict in quality control and premium in product quality. It is the mulberry silk quilts that distinguishes the company in the market place .Made of superior raw mulberry silk, the quilts are popular with consumers once launched by being antibacterial and deodorant, Eco-friendly, warmth retentive while air permeable, close-fitting ,soft and smooth. The company also helps many domestic brand companies on bedding by ODM,such as Shanghai Konglong Textile and Shandong Sunvim Home Textile.

The company’s self –owned-brand products are sold as far as Japan, EU, the US as well as Taiwan etc and are great favored by overseas customers by their premium quality and competitive price.
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